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21 Day Plan to a cleaner diet

"I went on Marilyn’s 21 day plan with the objective of reducing the sugar in my diet. Although I have had to be on a gluten free diet for over 30 years, I found that I was increasingly craving sugar snacks and I wanted a healthier alternative. Since I had already eliminated gluten and most dairy products, the plan would not require a lot of changes except the big one, sugar.

It was extremely helpful to have a list of nutritious “allowed” foods and a schedule for meals and snacks. Keeping a journal increased my awareness of what I was eating and I found that I was planning ahead more for my meals and snacks. On Day 3, I was surprised to realize that I was not craving sugar! I enjoyed the many vegetables that I ate at lunch and dinner and found I was making more salads with radishes, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados, and the key to this was having the ingredients on hand. I know a lot of people think it is expensive to eat healthfully, but you can buy a lot of vegetables for not a lot of money. Another key to the success of this plan was the green drink which I was not fond of initially, but it made me feel so good that I have kept up with it after the 21 days.

While Day 3 was a turning point for me, week 3 brought a surprise revelation.  I realized that this was not going to be just for 21 days – it could be forever because I felt very satisfied without a lot of sugary foods . My favorite snacks have always been nuts and seeds & that is my ‘go to’ snack. Quinoa is a wonderful protein also.

While my goal was not to lose weight on this plan, I did lose a few pounds which I attribute to a decrease in inflammation.

I am grateful to you, Marilyn. This has been a very healthful experience!"
Kathryn Magnusson

"This is no ordinary thank you."

"Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your training, advice and encouragement. I no longer feel like the frumpy old person I felt like when I first came to you. I feel much younger and enjoying life again. You are a wonder woman. thank you so very much."

Pat S.

Achieve the body of your dreams!

We specialize in personal and small group fitness training. Our unique exercise approach incorporates contemporary fitness concepts to help you to achieve the body of your dreams.

Each workout is customized to address your individual needs. Your personal trainer, addresses the whole body to assist you in achieving your ideal image and wellness.

Lose excess weight for good! 21 Day Love Your Body Weight Loss Program offers three steps to achieve your ideal weight and wellness.

Fun workouts! Set to great music, our workouts will keep you motivated while achieving a long, lean, lifted body for life.

Get started on your dream body today! Sessions are available for individuals, couples or small groups.

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Our exercise classes will get you firm and toned for spring! Create a body you LOVE! Lose up to 20 lbs. in 21 days! Fitness Training for one-on-one, couples and small groups.

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Lose 3 to 5 lbs. in the first week . .. as much as 20 lbs. in 21 days! You'll also learn how you can:

Learn how to eat for a lifetime of vibrant living!

Our exercise classes will get you firm and toned for spring!